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Is Bitcoin the best place to Invest Free Cash?

What is this Bitcoin craze all about??  There are well recognized leaders like Bill Gates that fully support and endorse Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology and others like Alan Greenspan stating on that Bitcoin is “Not an actual currency”, so what are the rest of us supposed to think with this level of polarization?  Well this article is really not about Bitcoin at all….  and quite frankly although I believe that Bitcoin has some relevancy, in the end whether you acquire Bitcoin and strike it rich or decide to build wealth through other means, Bitcoin will not provide you with opportunities for growth like investing in the most important asset ….  YOU!

In so many ways increasing your share price as an individual is much more valuable and sustainable than striking it rich on Bitcoin or another high risk form of investment.  And by increasing our share price we need to become a better version of who we were yesterday in some capacity.  The first thing I’ll come clean with is that reading books is extremely difficult for me and prior to 4-5 years ago it would literally take me multiple years to get through a single book.  What the Fuck does this have to do with personal share price???  Well here is something to consider for yourself….  You are currently where you are today in terms of Income, Health & Fitness, Spirituality & Purpose, and Family relationships because this is all you currently know.  This is neither wrong or right but simply your current condition.  Once I realized that I wanted to make more money, or wanted to improve my abilities in the fitness world, I realized that I needed NEW information and knowledge that I didn’t come to the table with.  In the early stages of my career my pure focus was on income out of necessity to provide for our new family, but little did I realize that growth in all areas of your life are necessary for sustaining anything important you build.  It’s certainly more clear now than ever that as a man in today’s world I’m not alone (And take comfort in that) as it relates to the pressure to provide for your family so this was where I initially focused on improving.  But in this journey, I’ve realized that growth and movement is what it’s all about!  And let’s be honest shall we?  What good does building an empire do if during the process you have lost everything you built it for and your family has moved on because of your neglect.

So back when I started my engineering job and certainly for almost the first decade, we were starting a family and there was month left at the end of the money.  When you are in this situation, it seems difficult if not impossible to find additional streams of income or extra time to “invest” in yourself since you are treading water to make ends meet.  Looking back now, I wish that I’d spent more time reading books on the topics that interested me so that I could have the knowledge back then.  “Wow Phil that’s a revelation!!  As a guy in his mid 40’s let me get this straight, you are telling me that you wish you had that knowledge back in your 20’s??” What an incredible revelation!

I Understand this is captain obvious here, but my point is that so often we think that we are perhaps restricted in our ability to move forward and improve our share price when we are broke.  How can I afford that unique conference?  I can’t afford the personal trainer?  What about that Life coach who can guide you?  All this stuff is great but it costs MONEY $$$ that I don’t have…  So what I’m suggesting and something that helped me is simply reading books…. they are cheap!!!!  Nothing is like having a guy/gal following you around the gym telling you what to do to get Big ass results, but there are some pretty great books that can get you the same information and better yet we are in the information age of GOOGLE and so perhaps use the world wide web as a learning tool.  The key to expanding in these 4 areas of your life is to commit to investing in yourself.  If you are broke read books and find ways to consume GOOD information, and as you continue to grow (and you will if you commit) than you should keep investing back into your knowledge… but like anything you need to be committed because everything around you will be working against you.

Lately I’ve been having some challenges in a few areas and I’ll admit it’s never best to be REACTIVE and always better to be PROACTIVE but anyhow, a couple weeks back I attended a conference in California called WarriorCon2 put on by Garrett White and his team at Wake Up Warrior and so I wanted to provide a little review and feedback for those that are looking for ways to move the needle in their respective careers, relationships, purpose, & Health.  I’ll start by talking a little about what caused me to pull the trigger and make the investment in time and money to head out to California.  I’ve been married for 16 years to the same wonderful women and we have 3 amazingly beautiful and special children and I’m finishing up my first year of running our own real estate business.  Truth is I really have no interest in being an ‘OK’ Dad, or have an ‘OK’ savings account, or have an ‘OK’ relationship with my wife and children.  But things have been challenging this year transitioning into the home again after traveling extensively with my previous job.  Challenging with my wife, my children, myself…far more difficult than I had imagined, it’s like I’m entering into a home that was doing fine prior to my arrival both physically and mentally so  I’ve been searching for tools and knowledge that will allow me to get better in all these areas but there just didn’t seem to be anything in the market until I started watching the Wake Up Warrior videos and this maniac Garrett White was talking about his “Brotherhood” and spending over a decade figuring out strategies and techniques to “Having it ALL”.  So of course as a complete skeptic I’m telling myself that this guy is a complete marketing genius but behind the curtain there is likely a big pile of bullshit….WRONG!  This man knows his stuff and understands all the challenges that I felt unequipped to handle like the following;

  • My Wife – I wouldn’t change a thing about her but luckily for me she is a strong women and knows what she wants and better yet what she doesn’t want. It’s like riding a roller coaster without a seatbelt… 🙂
  • 3 Kids (2 Teenagers) – Enough said for those of you raising kids
  • Business Ownership – Learning and working to try and figure this shit out, and didn’t inherit a company with well defined systems and processes. (And I hate structure)…
  • Purpose – Belief in Higher power or God or whatever you wish to call it…

It seems that to be a well rounded man today (far from there yet by the way….) you need knowledge and tools to handle a totally different environment than 100 years ago.  So where is the rule book for this?  If someone throws you in the cockpit of a plane without going through ground school and spending a ton of time flying with an instructor, how do you think that flight will go??  I’ll answer for you since I’m writing the article….. It will Fucking crash!  So why is it that in today’s society we believe that we can graduate college and then have kids and a career and magically figure out how to handle all that shit with so little discussion on these things  growing up?  It is no surprise that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce in North America….I’m not saying that there is not valid reason for divorce, I’m simply suggesting that if young men and women had some additional resources and tools to improve it would likely be significantly lower.  Ok… So here is a little blurb on the conference experience;


Wake Up Warrior

So upon arrival we all need to grab our Polo shirts that are all identical and then go ahead and get registered, so there is a dress code out of the gate and the check in process was clean and organized as if they had done this before…which is great but for a relatively new company they have it nailed down pretty well.  The conference was held in Dana Point Marriot which doesn’t suck for a location for sure.  Once I got up Tuesday morning and got my shit sorted and put on the special shirt and black pants and badge I went downstairs and waited outside this conference room with 500 other men and all of a sudden the doors crack open into darkness and people are yelling “get in there quick and grab a seat” Navy Seal style, the intensity was very elevated.  Over the next 3 days we were given a glimpse of the amazing revelations and code that is a part of this incredible movement and we listened to some very courageous men sharing their stories, feelings, & truths some of which I will never forget.  At the closing of the conference Garrett committed to having 5000 people at the conference in December of 2018 and I believe this will come to fruition.  He literally screams authenticity and has a very important message that has been well researched and thought through and is usable and practical all at the same time.  He has built an atmosphere where truth and action go hand in hand to get big results in his distinctly labelled categories of Body, Being, Balance & Business.  So if you have an interest in moving your life forward in these key categories, I’d strongly recommend having a look at this company and it’s events.

Garrett and his team at Wake Up Warrior are most definitely filling a need in the world to provide an avenue for Married men to learn from each other and utilize some incredible techniques and strategies on a DAILY basis in order to achieve the results we are striving for.  So I’ll be going back in 2018 and hope to see some of you there.. Thanks for reading and if you gained any insights please go ahead and share!



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