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Canuck Investments is a full service firm that focuses on providing top notch service and expertise for clients that are looking for Homes for Sale Bangor Maine or Homes for sale in Brewer Maine. The local region is where we focus our efforts and we not only help others find the perfect home, but we also are active investors which gives us an accurate pulse of the local market dynamics. This is the level of service and expertise that differentiates us from the competition and ultimately we are able to protect our clients from making investments that we wouldn’t make ourselves.

The city has many real estate agencies with highly experienced and expert real estate agents who are well-versed with the area and can suggest suitable options for Homes for Sale Bangor Maine at the drop of the hat. Before doing so, they find out the client expectations and then offer them with a wide range of options. The buyers can browse through these options and finally choose an option that perfectly match what they are looking for.

Our core principal is to base all of our suggestions and recommendations on what we would do if we were making the investment ourselves. So whether buying or selling in Bangor & Brewer, we can assure you that by teaming up with Canuck Investments, you are partnering with the right Real Estate consulting partnership and we promise to guide you with truth and transparency. We are pleased to align ourselves with Keller Williams Real Estate and the principals that they stand for, and our team is currently led by one of the current owners of Canuck Investments and Agent Stephanie Henry.

Bangor is a city in Maine with a population of 32,481 and a median home price of $148,600. On Main Street, resides a towering statue of folkloric lumberjack Paul Bunyan which hints at Bangor’s former status as a timber hub and the lumber capital of the US in the late 1800’s. The current economic climate is strong with retail and healthcare in addition to a significant military presence with one of the longest runways in NA.

If you are looking to purchase a Homes for Sale Bangor Maine region you have come to the right place! Stephanie Henry is one of the premier agents in the region and has a passion for assisting clients in finding their dream home. She has a great deal of experience in this region as a hands on investor and Co-owner of Canuck Investments specializing on apartment rentals in addition to custom home rehab and flipping properties. She is currently an active member of Keller Williams Realty located here in Bangor.

Bangor Maine The Perfect Place To Buy A Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home in a beautiful town that looks like it’s straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting then we’ve found the perfect place for you. Bangor Maine is one of America’s best-kept secrets, a place so beautiful that Henry David Thoreau immortalized it in his book The Maine Woods. Like all small towns it even comes with that famous resident, Stephen King!

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Besides being beautiful, Bangor boasts a low crime rate and excellent public schools. From elementary schools to high schools the average parent rating is a 4.1 out of 5. Residents will attest to the idyllic childhood that can be had growing up in Bangor. They have a great public transit system that is called the BAT, …..Read More

Buying A Home in Bangor Maine – No more a challenge

Are you planning to settle in Bangor Maine? Are you looking to buying Homes for Sale Bangor Maine? If yes, it is wise to enlist the help of a renowned agency who can help you see a lot of options. One of such companies is the Canuck Investments that is famous for its great service and excellent track record. When you trust your property requirements in the experienced hands of a good agency, you can be assured that you will get the best buy for your money. They also save you from the many hassles of the game of property investment. Very few real estate agencies in Bangor Maine have this reputation of satisfying their client’s varied requirements every time they delve into a property transaction. Selecting such a good agency will certainly prove to be a great investment into the future of your property and family.  There a a number of overpriced Homes for Sale Bangor Maine just as there are a number of deals, and the key to getting instant equity is working with an experienced real estate agent that is actively investing in the local market which is the case with the team here at Canuck.  We actively invest in Single family homes, multi-unit investment properties and commercial real estate.  It is this level of hands on day to day experience that allows us to understand the current market in order to get clients the best price point for what is typically the largest asset they own.

Of course, you have to make sure that you find a company that truly delivers what it promises. When there are many agents and agencies vying for your attention, it is the credentials and past experience of satisfied clients that speaks volume about the caliber of a real estate company. Don’t go for the outer dazzle but reach to the core of their service in order to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

You may simply be looking for an apartment to rent in Bangor as you search for the right place to acquire, and we also have the ability to assist you with this.

Talk to people who have dealt with an agency to know their opinion about the kind of experience they had with the company. How far the company went to find the right property for them? How far informed did they keep their clients about the current trends and new properties? How much attention did they pay to understand the exact needs of the buyers? Check their property listings to see if they are updated regularly or not. All these and many other factors will determine how effective that particular agency will be for your own requirements.  And don’t forget that we also specialize in Commercial properties as will as property management services for our clients!