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Bangor is becoming an extremely desirable place to live and work based on so many wonderful attributes, like the low crime rate, Water Front Concert series, Hollywood Casino, close proximity to Acadia National park, the low cost of living and there are so many more. So with this increase in demand, we are seeing more companies either considering moves into this attractive market or perhaps beginning new business ventures for small to mid size companies. With this higher demand, and the current supply it is critical to partner with the right company that has local knowledge of the commercial space. Bangor Maine Commercial Real Estate is limited in supply and so the benefits that Canuck Bangor Commercial Real Estate group provides its clients is the inside knowledge of the space and decision makers in this space. Only a small portion of the commercial lease market ever makes it to the advertisement and print market where the general public is able to view, and that’s where we can provide value.

Benefits of Investment In Bangor Maine Commercial Real Estate

Investment in Bangor ME Commercial Real Estate for Sale properties can be a good profitable opportunity. Bangor commercial Real Estate properties offer more financial rewards than any other property-type. Here are some of the valuable benefits of buying Bangor Commercial Real Estate:

High Income Potential- One of the biggest benefits to investments in Bangor ME commercial real estate for sale is its high earning potential. The annual return of commercial properties is usually higher than any other investment.

Consistent Cash Flow- One assured advantage of commercial real estate properties is consistent cash flow. For instance, if you purchase a commercial property with extra space for tenants, you will access the opportunity for additional cash flow through rental income.

Easy to evaluate the price– When it comes to Bangor Maine commercial real estate, it is often easier to evaluate the property price of Bangor commercial real estate property as you can request the income statement of the current owner and determine the price based on the statement.

We own and operate our own commercial assets and because of this, we are constantly working with the other commercial brokers to find clients the perfect fit based on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

And we absolutely love entrepreneurship and our team is passionate and excited about the opportunity to work with courageous business visionaries to help them advance these visions by providing insights into what the local market has to offer in terms of space and functionality.

Bangor Maine is a great community for business and is certainly attractive based on the low cost of living in the area. At Canuck Investments Commercial division we work directly with business owners to understand their business needs and space requirements to find a suitable fit. Many times it is difficult as a start-up or a small business to find affordable space that will still fit into the business budget and allow you to grow without the risk of having too much money tied up in commercial space. In order for us to best locate the proper location, please click on the “Submit an Application” icon above and provide us with any details on your requirements and we will have a commercial consultant be in touch within 24 hours.  For more information on our current availability please click the above link and provide as many details as you can about the desired commercial space that you and your business require.

Canuck Investments is a investment and commercial real estate company serving the greater Bangor, Maine region and beyond. Our company specializes in commercial real estate in Bangor Maine for lease or exchange. This includes professional office space, retail properties, commercial land, and investment real estate. We are considered one of the regions best commercial rental firms and pride ourselves on finding clients the right solution based on our extensive knowledge of the regions real estate market.

With the commercial market locally being relatively small in nature, there are hidden opportunities for potential cost savings and/or opportunities for significant risk reduction and we are well known for uncovering these by having knowledge of market opportunities prior to any formal listing is available.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at 1-207-922-3120 and we are happy to offer some no-charge consultation to point you in the right direction.

Bangor Commercial Real Estate CAPABILITIES

We offer free consultation and pricing recommendations to all of our clients. Various financing and marketing options are also reviewed. Once a listing has been accepted, we assemble a comprehensive offering prospectus and launch a highly targeted marketing campaign.

We are extremely well versed when it comes to investment properties and maximizing the cash flow and net operating income to obtain the best pricing for the market so if you are considering selling or buying in this market contact us to determine if there is a fit.

When selling a business or real estate investment, we understand that there is proprietary financial information and we understand the importance of keeping it this way and therefore are extremely cautious to ensure confidentiality agreements are in place with any potential buyers.

Real Estate is our absolute passion here at Canuck Investments and guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with our level of services, then we don’t expect compensation and our reputation depends on your success! We consider the following clients;

  • Landlord and Tenant Representation
  • Apartment and Multi-Family Property Management Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Management
  • Contract and Lease Negotiations
  • Bangor ME Commercial Real Estate for Sale and Leasing
  • Business Opportunity Brokerage
  • Business Consulting Services

FAQ on Commercial Real Estate in Bangor Maine

Commercial property is simply any non-residential property that is owned to produce income or say used solely for business purposes. From a business point of view, commercial real estate in Bangor Maine is any kind of commercial space including retail properties, office buildings, shopping complexes, hotels, and any other vacant piece of land that can be leased for operating a business.

Investing in Bangor Maine commercial real estate properties is not a kid’s game, there are a number of factors one needs to consider before making a final purchase. Here are some essential things to look out:

• Identify your main aim of making an investment
• Determine what kind of commercial property you’re looking for
• Kind of location you’re expecting for real estate property
• Secure your finance before looking for a commercial property to buy
• Align yourself with trustworthy people.
• Find a property that meets your every expectation
• Make a budget-friendly offer and close the deal

No question is more important when buying Bangor Maine commercial real estate for sale than to evaluate “how much does it cost?” But the question will become even more valuable if you have a sound knowledge of how much the property worth. The value of commercial property heavily depends on its capitalization rate and the potential income it will generate in the future.

Investment is usually for earning a good return and Bangor commercial real estate properties stand for driving potential financial rewards than any other income source. In research, it has been observed that Bangor commercial properties have an annual return of the purchase price between 6-12% depending on the location which is a much higher range than residential properties. Therefore, investment in Bangor Maine commercial real estate properties can be your best bet.

On behalf of our company we want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about what we do and how we help our clients – Philip Henry (Owner & Founder)

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