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Residential Property Management Bangor ME

Owning investment real estate that produces monthly revenue is known to be an extremely effective way to build wealth, however; it takes time and effort to ensure that these investments are operating efficiently and profitably. This is where Canuck Investments property management services & residential property management services in Bangor and Brewer come into play. It is because we are actively managing our own portfolio of real estate assets that we can be effective managing your assets as well. When it comes to screening tenants, setting up lease agreements, providing emergency maintenance and the numbers other requirements for properly managing real estate, we are able to leverage the relationships that we have personally built over the past 15 years so that as our clients you gain the benefits.

Our goal as asset managers is to provide the current owners with peace of mind that their assets are running smoothly and that things are taken care of and addressed in a timely fashion. We are also acutely aware of the asset value when we are able to positively impact the income and strategically reduce expenses. We have intentionally been able to improve our portfolio value by over 15% by implementing energy efficiencies as well as optimizing rent to align with the current market inflation.

We realize that for many real estate owners, they have other interests outside managing real estate and all that comes along with that, so if you are considering a partner to provide these management services on your behalf but with the level of care and attention you want your tenants to experience, then our Team is the right choice

When choosing who to manage your property it makes sense that the company you choose is not only a solid property management firm, but also manages their OWN portfolio!!!  The biggest problem we found when considering having our real estate investments managed by others was the significant cost associated and the constant requirements for our involvement.  So we ended up paying a solid portion of our rental income for peace of mind that our assets were well taken care of but we had to be involved so we decided to open up our own division of property management services for not only our own investments, but also to take the pain away from other property owners who want peace of mind that these assets are being well taken care of and they can concentrate on things that are important in their lives.

Our years of management of our own assets have provided our team with the necessary experience and processes for the following;

  • Marketing and locating solid tenants for your buildings
  • Deploying our own cost effective Maintenance Strategy and resources to handle any issues that arise
  • Manage the Income and Expenses of the building to provide you easy to read financials on a monthly basis
  • Energy Savings Opportunities

So for turn key property management services in Bangor Maine, you have arrived at the right location.  We don’t do for our clients the things that have not been effective for managing our own portfolio of real estate assets.  Our ability to look at cost savings opportunities or revenue improvement comes from managing our own assets in the same way.  The reason we are able to improve your bottom line is that we have done the same thing to our own asset base over the years and have improved the Cash Flow Valuation by over 30%, resulting in significant equity improvement with very little capital required.  Whether you are looking for commercial or residential property management, our team can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your assets will be taken care of at the lowest cost position possible.

Feel free to Contact Us to set up a meeting to better understand our services related to property management or residential property management .

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